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NTF Sire Snippets: ‘Jeremy spoke in class today’…

The miler siring the goods over timber…

Whilst watching a bit of RUK at the dinner table last night (a practice hugely frowned upon by Mrs NTF!) I picked up on a comment made by Steve Mellish (an analyst I have plenty of time for) regarding the sire JEREMY. Mr Mellish said something along the lines of “Jeremy has so far proven to be a better sire of Hurdlers than  A/W runners”. A comment like that instantly gets my antenna twitching, makes me want to get my exploring boots on and start digging around like a pig rooting for truffles! Luckily enough my Laptop was on the kitchen table (another practice frowned upon by Mrs NTF!) so it was quickly into my Proform database to start rummaging around, in-between mouthfuls of Spag Bol of course (it was meant to be homemade meatballs but I buggered it up so I turned it into Spag Bol, tasted surprisingly good though…but that’s another story for another day!!).

First things first here are the JEREMY splits for each code…

Turf – 49/511 | 9.5% S/R | +£7.39 BFLSP – Win & Place 137/511 | 27% S/R

A/W – 21/233 | 9% S/R | -£103.11 BFLSP – Win & Place 48/233 | 20.5% S/R

Bumper – 1/8 | 12.5% S/R | -£0.46 BFLSP – Win & Place 2/8 | 25% S/R

Hurdle – 16/84 | 19% S/R | +£23.98 BFLSP – Win & Place 32/84 | 38% S/R

I would say that effortlessly backs up Mr Mellish’s assessment (I didn’t expect anything less to be fair). The A/W offspring have been hemorrhaging money so far to level stakes whereas the hurdle runners, from relatively limited numbers, are turning over a nice little profit.

The Hurdle kids are spearheaded by last year’s Triumph Hurdle winner OUR CONOR but there is more to them than just Dessie Hughes’ stable star. It’s well worth our time digging around in the wider stats to look for some early clues on the Jeremy front…


So far they haven’t proven to be as potent when ridden from out the back (Held-Up)…

Jeremy Hold-Up Hurdlers – 2/33 | 6% S/R | -£24.69 BFLSP – Win & Place 2/33 | 6% S/R

They aren’t actually under-performing on market expectations but the fact the figures don’t improve on the place side of things does start to suggest that the Jeremy kids are much better when ridden up with the pace or, indeed, making the pace.


None of the main players have latched on to him as a potential National Hunt hot commodity…

To date the stables of Paul Nicholls, Nicky Henderson and Willie Mullins haven’t sourced any of the Jeremy stock for their own benefit. There may of course be an offspring or 2 lurking in their yards but if there is they haven’t sent them to the track yet.

It will be interesting to see if they look to acquire one or two of the progeny if his kids keep producing the goods…


The numbers strongly hint that they are more comfortable going Right-Handed than Left-Handed…

Jeremy offspring on a LH track – 4/45 | 9% S/R | -£29.70 BFLSP – Win & Place 15/45 | 33% S/R

Jeremy offspring on a RH track – 12/39 | 31% S/R | +£53.68 BFLSP – Win & Place 17/39 | 43.5% S/R

Again it is early days for Jeremy in the breeding sheds and going Left-Handed clearly didn’t stop Our Conor winning the Triumph Hurdle last season BUT overall the figures point towards the progeny performing much better on a Right-Handed circuit.

Interesting Fact: OUR CONOR supplies 3 of those 4 Left-Handed victories. He may be a, very talented, exception to the ‘rule’.


So far they ain’t cutting much mustard  on Heavy ground…

Jeremy Hurdlers on Heavy – 0/12 | 0% S/R | -£12.00 BFLSP – Win & Place 2/12 | 16.5% S/R

That is a small sample size to be looking at but it is potentially a pointer that they have stamina limitations and maybe don’t quite get home when the ground is heavy?


At this stage of Jeremy’s stud career, and with all the hurdle angles above , I wouldn’t be relying on them too heavily until we have a bit of a larger sample to work with. Still they do make for interesting reading and the basis for potential mini-angles and pointers to aid our punting in the near future.

*Figures sourced from the excellent Proform Professional database


I will leave you with the mighty Pearl Jam and their tribute to this emerging National Hunt sire…

Ben (NTF)

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