"Hi Ben, I've signed up to many racing services in my time but NTF is the ONLY one I trust to keep giving me a high level of analysis every single week!

The amount of information you provide is simply staggering!

I love how, if I have the time, I can pick through the guides and analysis and tread my own path.

As you say, NTF is way more than just a tipping service!"

- Dave S

So you love TRENDS, right?


You know it's a great way to 'Narrow The Field' in the major races.


But, you don't have the time to source and apply them on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.


You also love finding patterns within a horse's form, finding those horses who excel under certain conditions and who can be relied upon to run to their best when certain boxes are ticked.


But again, you just don't have the time it takes to painstakingly pick through the myriad of horses currently in training to find those golden 'TREND HORSES'.


I get that, I totally do.


The world seems to be moving faster and faster each day...


"I gotta take the kids here...and there...and everywhere!"


"I've got a work meeting out of town, the roads are ALWAYS a nightmare out that way, I'll definitely be late home...again!"


"My partners friends are coming round (groan!), I'm going to have to 'engage' with them...ALL NIGHT"


Or maybe it's just a plain and simple...


"I'm bloody exhausted with work, kids, family, friends...I just need to put my feet up for 5 minutes...just...5...minutes (wake up at midnight drooling on the sofa) Aah man, that's another night gone"


Then, before you know it...BOOM! It's the weekend, you had absolutely no time to do a bit of digging into the racing, you don't have a clue what the trends are for the days big races, you've not had any time to watch ANY of the midweek racing (for the past month!), your own notes haven't been updated since...well...who knows!?!?


It's a pain. Modern life is indeed rubbish (as Blur predicted in the 90's!).


But don't worry...NTF is here to help.


I'll do ALL the race trends for you. I'll fully apply them to this year's entries, letting you know the hard-on trend toppers from those that have a mountain to climb.


Here are some examples of my NTF Race Trends at play...


But that's not all I'll be doing for you, I know there's a good chance you also don't have the time to watch every race or even most of the races you'd like to, picking out the horses that matter, sourcing the conditions under which they excel AND finding PROFITABLE TRAINER angles to add to your punting arsenal...


But I do!


Here are some recent examples of my NTF Weekend Notes that full NTF members receive EVERY Monday...

Only £149 for a season ticket to the NTF Members Area!

ALL major festivals included!!

Hi, my name is Ben Aitken and I make it my business to not let life get in the way of my passion; Horse Racing Trends Analysis.


I've been delivering in-depth and detailed racing analysis to my dedicated band of followers for over 10 years.s


Here is what you will receive when you become a full NTF member...

The benefits of becoming a full NTF member...

  • In-depth race analysis guides

    Full and comprehensive trends analysis for over 150 of the major races on the UK & Irish jumps racing calendar.

  • NTF Weekend Notes

    Exhaustive Weekend Notes EVERY Monday, with comprehensive trends, stats, angles and pointers from the weekends action.

  • Unexposed Handicap Chasers

    Unexposed Handicap Chasers offer up a wealth of profits and I’ll make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to secure your slice of the pie.

  • NTF UTR Squad

    Highlighting, tracking and then backing the runners that are skipping under the radar of the wider betting population.

  • NTF Ante-Post Analysis

    Compiling an ante-post dossier for the 2019 Cheltenham Festival so that members are fully prepared for the four day March onslaught.

  • NTF Angles

    Profit from the every expanding list of Trainer Trends and Racing Angles that I’ll be posting throughout the 2019/20 season

Secure your season ticket to NTF today for only £149!

What is NTF?


NTF is primarily a race analysis service, concentrating on the major races throughout the National Hunt season.


The NTF race guides can be summed up by the following statements...


  • Rapidly narrow the field of all races analysed into those with live chances and those that have a mountain to climb…

  • Deliver a handy short-list of probable winners the evening before racing…

  • Provide clear and concise selections detailing WHAT I am backing in the race and WHY…

  • Are flexible in design and presentation to allow you, the shrewd punter, to come to your own conclusions using information that is not readily available elsewhere (if you should so wish)…

Only £149 for a season ticket and full uninterrupted access to the NTF Members Area for the 2019/20 National Hunt season! 


The other main component of NTF are the Weekend Notes.


The NTF Weekend Notes can be summed up by the following statements...


  • Providing a thorough round-up of the weekends action and providing a vast quantity of information, stats, trends, thoughts and pointers for the coming weeks and months of the season ahead

  • Highlighting prime or developing conditions for a large volume of runners, analyzing their most recent performance and detailing why they performed or under-performed to the level they did (it's usually down to the conditions they were facing)

  • Uncovering Under The Radar horses to follow that will have been missed by the majority of the racing world

  • Pinpointing younger horses that should be worth following in the longer term

  • Highlighting trainers & jockey angles that come to light during my research and review note-taking process


​​​​​​​I produce in-depth notes for NTF Members each and every Monday of the National Hunt season, with the notes sometimes running to 16 pages+. Essentially there is no upper end to the notes, it's pretty much just when my brain empties! 


The NTF Weekend Notes are some of the most comprehensive racing notes you will find ANYWHERE (including on sites such as the Racing Post, Attheraces & SportingLife) and are a fantastic addition to any serious or part-time punters portfolio, especially if you don't have the time to construct such detailed notes yourself.

Only £149 for a season ticket and full uninterrupted access to the NTF Members Area for the 2019/20 National Hunt season! 


I, Ben Aitken, have been sharing my own in-depth analysis with many dedicated NTF Members for almost ten years now. In that time NTF has grown from strength to strength and evolved with each passing year, developing existing analysis techniques as well as introducing and modify new and previously used methods.


I have honed my in-depth racing knowledge over many years of dedicated study and many (MANY!) hours of analysing the form books and racing databases or simply trawling through countless race replays.


My analysis, however, isn't just a straight forward "here are my selections, go ahead and back them' approach. You can use my guides in that way if you so desire but I have made sure that the guides are set out in such a way so that you can completely disregard my own selections and use the information provided in your own way and to your own advantage.


NTF is NOT a tipping service. It is so much more than that. My aim is to provide thorough and unique analysis, which whilst obviously aiming to be profitable also aims to educate and provide alternative approaches to the mainstream and readily available angles that are already out there.


The NTF race guides set themselves apart from the crowd with their unique, uncomplicated style whilst allowing the reader the opportunity to utilise the guides to their own advantage, using their own thought process to come to a conclusion THEY are happy with.


The race analysis guides are merely the cherry on top of the NTF pie, however, as it's the many other bodies of work available to full members (Weekend Notes, UTR Squad, Un-expoed Handicap Chasers, Ante-Post Analysis...) that really make NTF one of the best value racing service currently available.

Doors to the 2019/20 service are now OPEN!

I look forward to seeing you in the NTF Members Area

Ben Aitken (NTF)