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If you are the kind of punter that loves trends, lives for angles and gets excited about following horses that the wider racing population are foolishly ignoring, but simply don't have the time to do the hard graft yourself, then NTF is the service for you!


A bit of a later start than normal for the summer NTF service and I can't deny I've been chomping at the bit since digging out the 1000 Guineas winner (Newmarket version) for full members, itching to crack on doing more of what I love doing best; analysing the the top races using the tried and trusted NTF race trends analysis!

The wait is over though. My enforced family absence has been dealt with and I can get my head down and fire straight back into the action for the 2019 NTF Summer Service!

Thankfully I was back in the groove by Epsom Derby weekend as the NTF trends dug out three full marks scorers in the Epsom Dash, finishing 1st, 2nd & 4th, which obviously included the 33-1 (51.1 BFSP) winner ORNATE!

The races don't always work out like that, obviously, but when they do boy do we cash in!!

I'll be following the normal NTF protocol for the rest of the season (a path that plenty of you have been used to here on NTF for the past ten years) and the following is my plan of attack for the 2019 summer season...

  • NTF Race Analysis Guides (100+ of the top flat races)
  • A sprinkling of Jumps Race Analysis Guides (Perth, Galway...)
  • NTF Unexposed Handicappers (Flat version)
  • NTF Unexposed Handicap Chasers
  • NTF 'Live' Notes

As always it's slightly less action than during the National Hunt/Winter service (hence the reduced membership fee) but nevertheless there is still massive value for money and more than enough to keep you all entertained during the long hot (fingers crossed!) summer months.

The next major meeting in my sights is the five day Royal Ascot bonanza although there will be plenty of action to keep you entertained prior to the Royal meeting, with races such as the Perth Gold Cup likely to come under full analysis for the first time this season.

Covering a sprinkling of jumps races during the summer will be a first on the full NTF service this season. I've nothing set in stone yet and I'll likely play those on an ad-hoc kind of basis but I certainly plan on pulling at least a handful into the schedule.

After the success of the Unexposed Handicap Chasers angle last season (+55 points profit) I'll also be continuing with not only the jumping version of that angle but also the flat version of the angle (so it will be three flat trainers and the five NH trainers that will form our 'unexposed' line of attack throughout the summer months). If you missed the flat version of the guide you can get it on the right-hand side of this page near the bottom.

Added to all that I'll also be providing some live note taking days throughout the season, similar to how I do the Weekend Notes during the winter. This is only likely to be once or twice a week (maximum) and it's not something you need to be at your computer to make full use of, as always you can drop in and out as and when suits you and pick up the post-racing notes at your leisure. This part of the service will become clearer as the season progress, it's essentially just a way of me providing some form of notes throughout the summer months although in a slightly different manner to the winter version of the notes. You'll enjoy it though, I'm confident of that 😊

Most of you should be very aware of the NTF analysis guides and how I operate, I don't intent on changing the formula much over the summer, but in case any of you want a wee reminder, I've included some recent examples below...

Recent Race Guides...

End of season offer!

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If you were a member of the site any time in the last 12 months you DO NOT need to register details again, you will be able to use the same details to log-in for the 2019 summer service.

I will, however, need to manually upgrade you to a full membership package again so that you are able to access all posts/info available in the NTF Members Area for the summer season (you will be able to log-in without me upgrading you but you won't be able to see any of the posts for the 2019 season without me upgrading you). Depending on the time of day you sign-up this should be done within an hour or two.

You may also get an automated email asking you to be on the members mailing list (which you do want to be on) and you will need to click the confirmation link in that email to make sure you receive the members emails.

If you can't remember your log-in details simply email me at info@narrowingthefield.co.uk and I will send you a personal reminder.

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Unexposed Flat Handicappers Guide...

I look forward to seeing you all for another summer of in-depth NTF Analysis!

Ben (NTF)