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Join Ahead In The Sand 2021

Join Ahead In The Sand 2021

Only £29.99!

In-depth All-Weather analysis


The time to bury your head in the sand is NOW!

Doors to AHEAD IN THE SAND are now officially open!

As the name suggests we will be covering the All-Weather racing on this service, with myself (Ben Aitken – NTF) and All-Weather expert Dave Punshon digging deep in the sand over the next couple of months, bringing you the best All-Weather analysis money can buy!

But what exactly does the service involve?

The main focus of the service will be the remaining Fast Track Qualifiers and All-Weather Finals Day itself (Friday 2nd April).

Dave aims to cover ALL of the remaining Fast Track Qualifiers and ALL races due to be run on Finals Day, using his remarkably in-depth race coverage guides and his own unique and pinpoint accurate ratings system.

If you haven’t yet had a taste of Dave’s race coverage (or indeed just want a reminder) then check out the following articles that were posted on the free NTF Blog…

What you see on those posts is EXACTLY the same as what you get on the full service…

Join Ahead In The Sand below for only £29.99!

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While the main area of focus will be those Fast Track Qualifiers (FTQ’s) and All-Weather Finals day, it won’t be the only angles and analysis Dave will be producing during your subscription… far from it!!

Out with the FTQ’s Dave will also look to cover any of the higher quality All-Weather races that appear during the subscription period (1st of Feb – 5th of April). He’ll analyse these races in his usual manner, even if he isn’t having a bet in the race himself.

At this point I should point out that this is NOT a tipping service. What you will be receiving is in-depth race analysis as well as a host of trends, stats, angles and pointers, basically anything that Dave and I think will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the All-Weather game.

If you are solely looking for tips then we strongly advise that you don’t join this service. Neither Dave nor I are interested in running a service with tipping as it’s sole aim.

As well as pre-race analysis Dave will also provide post-race analysis, specifically for those FTQ races. 

These analysis guides will be delivered via a members only email service but there is also a members only Telegram group, a group we strongly advise members to join. 

In the Telegram group Dave will be sharing any systems that may be worth following, eyecatchers from the past days racing and he’ll also be more than happy to answer any questions (questions relating to the All-Weather, of course! If you are having marriage troubles then unfortunately I don’t think Dave and I can help you with those types of questions…🤨).

Time allowing Dave and I will also try and go down a couple of alternative routes to what you would normal get in the wider racing press, Owner stats and angles is something that we are currently discussing between ourselves and it’s leading us down some very interesting paths…

There will essentially be a LOT going on and all for only £29.99


Join the most in-depth All-Weather service on the block for only £29.99!

There won’t be races analysed every day and Dave won’t just cover a race for the sake of it, that simply is not his style…but he does like to keep busy, keep an eye on things, keep his notes up to date, add to his notes, research new angles, tweak other angles…as I’ve mentioned before he’s a bit like the All-Weather version of me!

When you sign-up you will be sent to a page that has the sign-up link for the exclusive Ahead In The Sand Telegram group. When you join the group there will be some Pinned Files at the top of the group. These will give you a bit more of an insight into what will be happening on the service. Don’t worry if you are new to Telegram or have never used it before as I will also be sending out these guides via email, so just take your time over the first few days and feel your way in.

Many thanks for your interest in Ahead In The Sand and Dave and I look forward to seeing plenty of you in the Telegram group 😀

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